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 Wind - Vertical Axis 

Our manufacturing partner, using advanced technology, has developed the highest performing generator in the small wind VAWT sector. You will realize the difference in reliability and performance between the Butterfly Series wind turbine and other similar products. Designed to operate quietly, safely and efficiently, Butterfly Series VAWTs provide an ideal solution for business and homeowners. Roof mount is shown here.




RIGHT: The most efficient vertical axis wind turbine. This butterfly design (above) is engineered with a safety braking mechanism when winds exceed 50 mph. This auto shut off protects the magnet and keeps it from overheating and burning out your system. The turbine free-spins until the windspeed drops below 50 mph and then it is re-engaged into production mode. Pole mount is shown at the right.



          1.    Reduces cost of existing energy bills
          2.    Available tax incentives and grants
          3.    Viable energy option for both suburban and urban settings
          4.    Cost effective with good ROI
          5.    Easy and simple installation and maintenance
          6.    Operates quietly at high speeds
          7.    Does not kill birds or bats
          8.    Fulfills commitment to sustainable energy
          9.    Reduces carbon footprint
        10.    Reduces America's dependence on foreign oil
        11.    Provides security against escalating electricity costs
        12.    Available for roof or ground installations
        13.    Hydraulic poles are available in automatic and manual collapse. 


ABOVE: SAFE offers an Automatic Hydraulic Pole option that self-lowers the turbine for easy maintenance and rapid disassembly when high wind storms are moving into your area. 


RIGHT: The Manual Hydraulic Pole is pictured here in the lowered position.

Customize your choice of colors.





Cut-In Speed:                 5.6 mph
Rated Wind Speed:      24.6 mph


Number of Blades:       5
Blade Composition:     Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Rotor Height:                 5 ft 4 in
Rotor Diameter:             8 ft 2 in
Standard Color:            White
Turbine Weight:            368 lbs. (Inc. Generator/Blades)


Operates in Turbulent Wind
Roof or Pole Mount
On-Grid Connection
Integrated System Design
Low Maintenance
Quiet:                               32 db at 30ft


Max Winds:                    112 mph (130mph available)
Stop Methods:              Manual Brake 
                                          Electromagnet Control 
                                          Security Lock 


Type:                               3-Phase, Permanent Magnet Generator
Nominal Voltage:         24V/48V DC
Rated Power:               1kW
Maximum Power:        1.2kW
Battery System:           12V/400 AH


Pole Type:                    Galvanized Free Stand Pole
Pole Height:                 26 ft
Pole Weight:                452 lbs


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